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The Shadowy 3D-Models.

Last update: Sunday the 01.10.2006

Hello dear visitor,
here you can find some of my 3D models which I have created for Poser and DAZ-Studio. Many of the models and pictures are in connection with the Shadowy-Story. This is a SF story which I have written. (But this story only has appeared in German) All models offered here have been made by me and are freely available. (If available, please also see the Readme files.)
Most 3D models also should be usable for Mac owners. Since I do not have any Mac, however, I am not really sure.

I have made the pictures with the free 3D-Modeller DAZ Studio 1.3.1 under use of various other programmes (e.g. Poser 5). Some of the models I have created with Wings 3D, after that I have imported them into the DAZ Studio.

About DAZ|Studio

DAZ Productions has a made a committment to keep the DAZ|Studio core application free to the public for as long as possible. In order for this to be possible, DAZ relies on the revenues generated by the purchase of content available in the DAZ online store. The more people that purchase regularly from DAZ, the more development that can be subsidized and the longer the DAZ|Studio core will remain free.
You CAN make a difference!
The more people that you help inform about the DAZ community, the better it will become.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If the respective licence file particularly does not forbid it, then the models also may be used for producing commercial pictures.

It is not permitted to sell my models, particularly the obj-files, or parts of it!

The obj-files only then may to a new package be summarized if:
1. This packs arisen so is also free. (At least for the private user!)
2. I am named as an originator of my files.

At a commercial use of the models is a donation to me is possible about Moneybookers, but not demanded.


For comments and suggestions to the 3D models you can also use the Shadowy-Forum or contact me over e-mail.

My Free Stuff:

07.10.2006 - Space Station Avalon (a project!)

The Avalon series becomes my greatest project. Avalon is the name of a space station which happens in my story. The central room is circular in the basic form and has a diameter of 60 metres! It is subdivided into two main levels.

Link:  The Avalon Page.

01.10.2006 - Science Fiction Seat

A seat in the science fiction design into two different variants. It is rotatable and tipping over cash and the seatback can be bent. The armrests can be also altered or completely hidden.


29.09.2006 - The KryoStation

The KryoStation is part of my "MX" series. The corridors and Bulkheads of this series therefore match also here.

For download and more information, please go to my MX-Page.

25.09.2006 - Modern Cupboards Collection (MCC)

A little collection of modern furniture. Single modules as Character (cr2 files) with mobile doors.
Whole cupboards are enclosed in addition as simple Props pp2 files. Then however without mobile doors.


23.09.2006 - Moon-Mobil

The MoonMobil is an all-terrain vehicle for space expeditions. There are three seats, an air lock and an tailgate.


21.09.2006 - Medical Examination Couch (Version 2)

A new version of the medical examination couch "Medoliege2". With a mobile cover and a window.


21.09.2006 - Medical Examination Couch

A simple cr2 model of two medical examination couch. Once with a mobile cover.


24.07.2006 - AG-Lift-Station (MX-System)

The AG-Lift-M2, is ready!

For download and more information, please go to the Corridor MX Page.

22.07.2006 - MX Expansions Pack 1

MX Expansions Pack 1, now, is ready!

For download and more information, please go to the Corridor MX Page.

19.07.2006 - SF-Corridor MX

Now, is ready!

For download and more information, please go to the Corridor MX Page.

18.07.2006 - Studio-Box

My "Studio Box". A simple cr2 model consisting of floor plate, ceiling and four walls which can be hidden one by one. Rendering comfortably from arbitrary directions is that way possibly. Simply hide the not required walls! In the picture the ceiling plate is hidden.)


17.07.2006 - Base2F3 Station

Okay, I hope the station "Base2F3" is created ready now. It consists of altogether five cr2 files. The base station "Base2F3" and the four partition walls: North, West, South and East with respectively bipartite doors. Both "SF Corridor 1" and "SF Corridor 2" can be attached to these partition walls. Larger parts are planned but unfortunately, I simply lack the time.
All pictures were made with the DAZ studio.


16.07.2006 - SF-Corridor 2

Once again a corridor with transparent walls. This time however with a partition wall and a bipartite sliding door. (open about xtran). The model is contained as a Poser character (CR2 file). Both corridors can be joined together. The OBJ files are also contained.


12.07.2006 - SF-Corridor 1

A modest corridor with transparent walls, 2 metres of broad catwalk and banisters. The model is usable as Prop under Poser. The OBJ files are also contained.


I would be pleased about pictures which you have made under use of my models. I love SF-Pictures! But please only send when I may show it in the Shadowy-Gallery e-mail.